Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Appreciation exercises

-Media type: movie
- Title: Brother
- Director: Takishi Kitano
- Running time: 114 min.
- Release date: 2000

Brother is an American-Japanese film. I liked watching it because I have seen many American- Japanese films and they were very enjoyable. The story of the film is easy to understand because the director let the first 30 minutes as an introduction. It is mix of romance and violence. I do not like the films which are totally violent. Brother is a mixture of romantic and violence. That was one reason for me to watch it. The few funny scenes and the Romantic music made the violence less effective. I also liked the multi- national characters in this movie. They are American and Japanese. I think there are many hidden messages that the director wants the audience to understand. These messages are about the relationship between human beings such as the friendship between the Japanese man and the American black guy. In my opinion, this film is professionally perfect. The sound effects, acting and music are all very impressive.

The portrayal of women in Videogames

With the rapid development in the modern media, women have been portrayed in the media as victims, subservient, nurturing, sacrificing and objectified sexualized beings. In many of new succeeded videogames women are shown in unreal appearance. Those games show girls with disproportioned body types, especially with unnaturally small waists and lard breasts. This issue now became very important because it started to affect the society. In addition many new studies showed that many girls who are under the age of 18 years old are worried about their appearance. I think there is a connection between these studies results and videogames. As a result of these games, these games girls nowadays are looking for themselves in different way. They are trying to imitate these videogames characters. Also they became less trusting in their selves.

Second Life

Second life is a virtual reality world created by its residents. This free world opened to public in 2003. It has millions of residents from different countries. Those residents can by a virtual land and build their houses or shops as in the real world. Also they can meet with each other’s and go shopping. Park or any place in second life. In addition this application is developing rapidly. Nowadays many universities and companies opened virtual branches in this world. There are about seventy universities have virtual campuses there.
Second life economic is very similar to the real economic. The second life coin is Linden Dollar. Residents can use these coins to by anything in second life.
Also the famous news agency, Ruters, opened a virtual office in second life. It is broadcasting news to the residents and it is organizing live conferences by this office.
In the future second life will be more important because many countries planning to open virtual embassies there. Also many international companies will open branches and affords free service to second life residents.