Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Life

Second life is a virtual reality world created by its residents. This free world opened to public in 2003. It has millions of residents from different countries. Those residents can by a virtual land and build their houses or shops as in the real world. Also they can meet with each other’s and go shopping. Park or any place in second life. In addition this application is developing rapidly. Nowadays many universities and companies opened virtual branches in this world. There are about seventy universities have virtual campuses there.
Second life economic is very similar to the real economic. The second life coin is Linden Dollar. Residents can use these coins to by anything in second life.
Also the famous news agency, Ruters, opened a virtual office in second life. It is broadcasting news to the residents and it is organizing live conferences by this office.
In the future second life will be more important because many countries planning to open virtual embassies there. Also many international companies will open branches and affords free service to second life residents.


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