Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Appreciation exercises

-Media type: movie
- Title: Brother
- Director: Takishi Kitano
- Running time: 114 min.
- Release date: 2000

Brother is an American-Japanese film. I liked watching it because I have seen many American- Japanese films and they were very enjoyable. The story of the film is easy to understand because the director let the first 30 minutes as an introduction. It is mix of romance and violence. I do not like the films which are totally violent. Brother is a mixture of romantic and violence. That was one reason for me to watch it. The few funny scenes and the Romantic music made the violence less effective. I also liked the multi- national characters in this movie. They are American and Japanese. I think there are many hidden messages that the director wants the audience to understand. These messages are about the relationship between human beings such as the friendship between the Japanese man and the American black guy. In my opinion, this film is professionally perfect. The sound effects, acting and music are all very impressive.


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