Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The history of Television

Television is one of the top ten devices which have changed human life. Nowadays it is a part of our daily life. The development of this device occurred a number of years. There are many improvement steps had done to get today’s TV. No single person invented the Television. It was invented side by side with technology development.

With the development of sciences, including electric, Mechanical engineering, sound, technology, electro chemistry and electromagnetism. In fact there are many discoveries which marred later into common ground of television such as the Ray tube invention in 1878 by Sir William Crooks. The first grudge television was made by Paul Nipkow from Germany in 1884. After that countless radio scientists and inventors invented methods of broadcasting television signals. Jhon Legie Barird from Scotland and Chals F.Jakins from USA invented the first true television sets in the 1920s. By 1935 mechanical systems for transiting black and white images were replaced by electronic methods. In 1939 the two American inventors, Philo T.Earns Worth and Allen B.Dumot developed a pickup tube that became the home television receiver. After that the Colombia broadcasting system had entered the color television fray. Because of the Second World War and the Korean War the developing progress was slowed. The future of TV has begun with technological revolution in this century. Nowadays there are plasma screens and interactive televisions. In near future we will see more and more new methods and inventions in this filed.


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