Saturday, December 27, 2008

Radio drama

Radio drama is kind of media which is an audio storytelling broadcasted on radio .It is usually depends on dialogue and sound effects without any visual component. The actors use their voices only to make the listeners understand the story and imagine as a movie.

History in brief:
In early 1925s where there was no television or computer, radio advent made a revolution in media industry. It established the first foundation stones to the new media. After few years radio drama was born. It took it position on the top of the most international popular entertainment at that time. In addition the radio drama, “Danger was one of the first radio dramas in the world. It was written for the medium of the UK. It broadcasted for the first time on BBC in 1924. Since that, many radio dramas were produced in many countries in the world.

Radio Drama and television:
In the 1950s radio drama lost its position as a leader of the world best entertainment because the advent of television. With the television people became able to watch and hear at the same time when they only hearing with radio. In some countries, radio drama had never attracted people. However in other countries like Britain radio drama has developed and attracted more interested people because of many reasons. There are two of these reasons.
First, with the rapid developing in technology, life became very fast and minutes became valuable. Therefore many people especially workers did not have enough time to watch television so they found there entertainment with radio drama .They can easily listen to radio when they driving or even working.
Second, the low coasts of producing audio drama attracted large number of writers and youth.

Audio drama components:

Actually, radio drama has some major components. Dialogue and story come on the head of the most important component of radio drama because they are the drama itself. In addition, sound effects are very important to produce an audio drama. They make audience imagine the story and life it. When the audio drama is a story telling it should has characters. They can be real characters or even unreal .All in all every drama has its own features and own special components.
BBC as an example:
BBC is a very famous name in media field .It is a huge organization includes television channels and many radio stations broadcasts programmers in many different languages around the world. It is the most international source for news and information even researches.
Every year BBC radio stations producing and broadcasting hundreds of radio dramas. BBC4 and BBC7 are the most stations that broadcasting audio dramas. Every Monday evening BBC4 broadcasts a program called “women hour". It is a popular program includes short dramas. Also the drama “Writing the century “is a very famous audio drama on BBC. It a drama explore the 20th century through real correspondence and diaries from the great, the good and the ordinary. It is a good example proves that radio drama is keeping improve.
Radio drama can be side by side with television and books providing entertainment. It can be comedy drama or serious drama reflects society problems and helps to solve them. Also some audio dramas can be used for educational Purposes like historical dramas. I think we will see more radio dramas in the future with more ideas attracting large number of people.


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