Saturday, December 27, 2008

Media in the dictionary

Media means:
1- Plural of medium.
2- Something by or through which an effect is produced.
3- A substance in which specimens are preserved, bacteria grown etc.
4- Middle or average in size, quality etc.
5- The integration of computers, computer networking.
6- The form and technology used to communicate information.
7- In computer networking: cables linking work stations to gather.
8-Multimedia: Is communication that uses and combination of different media, and it may include texts, spoken audio, music, images, animation and video.
Media in brief:
Media is different Kinds of massages used to communication between people. In fact, all speech in all languages, the cry of baby, a song, animation, movie, newspaper and a audio drama are involved under one term, medium. The common part of media those we regular use called mass media. It includes Radio, newspaper, television, book, magazine, and network .All in all media is methods used to communicate between people.


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