Friday, January 9, 2009

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers at all times. He was born in April 23, 1546 in Stanford Upon-Avon in England. He is called the grand literary figure of the Western world. His father was a glove-maker and trader of farm products.
Shakespeare studied Latin grammar during the early years of his life beside logic, composition, oration, and monuments of Roman literature.
In 1582, when he was 18 years old he go married to Anne. They got only one son who died when he was 11 years old. Shakespeare moved to London in 1585 and there he worked as an actor and playwright for the Lords Chamberlain's men company. In 1599, he became a partner in ownership of the global theater. He died in 1616 after having a very productive life.

His works
Shakespeare is the greatest English poet and playwright. The first Shakespeare’s work was Richard III and Hennery VI which both written at the bingeing of 1590s. Until the mid-1590s, he wrote comedies influenced by Roman and Italian models and history plays. In 1595, he wrote his most famous tragedy, romantic Romeo and Joliet. In 1599, he wrote another tragedy called Julius Caesar. That was the period in which he wrote his greatest comedies and histories. From 1608 to 1613 another period of his writing started. He began his Romantic writings.
Task two: DramaIt might be surprising to know that many of Shakespeare's plays, especially in the experimental period were hardly original. He barrowed plot features from earlier plays. Borrowing plots and taking liberties with historical facts was not uncommon in Shakespeare's time and his skill for language, imagery, pun and his creative adaptation of myths and history have set Shakespeare apart as arguably the greatest playwright of all times.


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