Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thinking Methods

Paradigm shifts:
Paradigm is a set of rules we use for evaluating information and incorporating it in our lives. Everyone has his own paradigm, which is based on his/her life experience. It is based on our History, Education, Culture, Religion, Environment, Beliefs, Society, Interests and Technology. A Paradigm Shift means a move on towards better understanding, improvement or development of what has been known.

Thinking methods:

1. Vertical Thinking: a step-by-step process towards a goal.
2. Lateral Thinking: looking at the problem from several new angles.
3. Critical Thinking: careful judgement or evaluation.
4. Analytical Thinking: process of breaking problem or idea into parts, examining each part to see how it fits together with other parts, and exploring how these parts can be recombined in new ways.
5. Strategic Thinking: process of developing a specific strategy for the planning and direction of an operation by looking at the operation/project from all possible angles.
6. Outcome Thinking: process of attacking a task from the perspective of the desired solution.
7. Creative Thinking: the ‘light-bulb’ effect that occurs when you rearrange existing facts and come up with new insight on the subject.


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